Infographics in WL

Infographics are a visual representation of data” is a very clear definition of the term Infographics that is given in the article Infographics as an assessment.

The use of this tool helps students to visualize their thinking process and make it organized and for the teacher, it helps clearly to present the content of the topic studied. 

I have looked through many examples of infographics and read the articles given in our program for inspiration. 

Since I am a language teacher it is a bit hard to create infographics that have no language, but concepts only, so I thought that I would combine the two – language and concepts together.

My infographic will be an explanation of the WL Standards that we have in school. Grade 6 students, who are starting MS need a better understanding of what the components of the Standards are and what are the skills that are required in these components. This infographic will help them to visualize the process since the communication standard contains several skills to be acquired. 

The creation process was very difficult because I had to summarize the concept, think of the best visual representations for those skills and also the infographic was supposed to be clear.

This visualization of the concept definitely helped students to understand the Standards and the skills required for each type of activity we do in class. I found it to be a powerful tool for clear communication of ideas and it is also accepted by students with pleasure. Students liked this kind of material because it simplifies difficult concepts and gives visual images to them. 

Also in creating infographics, I have used principles of visual hierarchy from the readings of Week #1 on how to create effective images. I have applied the principles of colors, “Z” placing of the material on the page, sizes, and more.

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